Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If I was a color, I'd be red right now.

I'd be red with some steam coming off of my head.

We received our bill from our management company for problems with our old apartment. Problems in an apartment that we lived in for a grand total of five months.

It is all wrong. Things we were told and understood were changed. So we're fighting it. We are taking it to the man people!

In the meantime, I'm so frustrated about all of it I doubt I could convey the entire situation eloquently. So, until this whole thing gets resolved and my blood pressure goes down, I'll leave you with some tips.

If you are moving out of your Swiss apartment, take some precautions.

1. If you don't speak German, try to find a representative to attend the meeting with you to avoid any miscommunications.

2. Take pictures of your apartment, with a date stamp.

3. Email all correspondence to your management company. If anything is wrong with your apartment, let them know immediately.

And have a drink after it is all done!


Hoppy said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of tenant/landlord negotiations!!!

Love to all.

edie said...
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Z said...

Oh dear, good luck! From reading a forum in German, it seems even the natives have troubles. Do you know about the Mietverband? I believe they have people who can also help if English is all you speak.

Lisa said...

AAAARGH! I'm furious for you! So rude and so wrong.

Swiss Miss said...

I'm dreading the whole move-out thing. I've heard terrible stories. Our landlady has hated us from day one because we didn't speak any German when we moved in. Lovely. I think she's one of those "one of every two" that hates foreigners.