Friday, October 15, 2010

Ask Mrs Mac!

Lately I've been getting emails from people who are thinking of or are moving to Switzerland. And I love it! Seriously, after writing this blog to keep my family and friends updated on what we were doing, I started this blog to help others with this experience. Because when you are embarking on moving your family to a complete different part of the world, there are bound to be a ton of questions and issues.

I won't be posting the questions on the blog because most of them are personal, specific questions about certain towns, paperwork, and moving issues. However, if I get one that I think may be helpful to others I might post it on here.

Either way, keep them coming people! And to everyone else who may be a little hesitant, please don't be. I love getting these questions and will do my best to answer them.

Thanks for being faithful readers everyone; have a great weekend!


**************************************** said...

Dear mrsmac,

I'll be moving to Zurich (permanently) next May with my husband and two young daughters (31/2 & 7 mos.). Any recommendations for where to live or expat-friendly neighborhoods? We have close family in Zumikon, Kusnacht, and Mannerdorf who are Swiss and have visited a few times but I'm having a hard time deciding where to live. I know it's not as easy to move around as it is in the states so I want to make sure we get it right the first time. We're also bringing an upright piano with us. Bad idea, right? Thanks for any suggestions. Best, Stephanie

mrsmac said...

Hi Stephanie,

An upright piano!? Youa re a brave soul :)

All of those towns are located on the 'Gold Coast' so I would suggest living on that side of the lake. I had friends in Seefeld who loved living that close to the Zurich. Also had a friend in Zumikon and she enjoyed it there. But if you are interested in a more 'suburban' feel, I would suggest Meilen. I've heard nothing but good things about it- plus it is right on the lake and has the car ferry over to Horgen.

If you don't need to be on the Zurichsee, you may want to look into Uster. I've heard great things about the women's center there.

Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for the suggestions! Rethinking the piano :)