Thursday, October 14, 2010

Move to Switzerland, get healthy!

Since I've been back I've been taking care of all the health related things I've let sit on the back burner. I didn't go to the doctor unless absolutely necessary in Switzerland because 1- I had a slight aversion to doing it due to the language barrier and 2- I knew our time in Switzerland was short lived.

So, doctors visits, physicals and blood tests oh my!

Today I received some of my blood test results. And imagine my surprise when my doctor was blown away by my cholesterol numbers. So much so he gave me a thumbs up. Go me!

And then I told Brian and he said, "Duh, Meghan, we've been in Switzerland eating fantastic healthy food for the last few years."

I didn't feel so proud of myself after that.

But my point is, it was super healthy to do because healthy options are almost your only option over there. Beef is insanely expensive, the bread is so yummy you don't need to eat pastries, and fried food is practically non-existent in Switzerland. Also, fast food isn't readily available; it was easier for me to whip something up at home then drive the 15 minutes to the super expensive McDonald's two towns over.

And that is saying a ton because Rachael Ray I am not.

We're going to try our best to keep up the Swiss-like diet. It's going to be difficult for us but we'll give it our best shot! And then, of course, I'll keep you posted on how it goes.


ToadMama said...

I've got three words for you.

TWIN PINE FARM (where my Dad goes for meat)

And some contact info. :-)

Twin Pine Farm Country Store
1428 Seven Valleys Road
York, PA 17408
Directions: Route 616 between New Salem and Seven Valleys.
Open: Year-round; Mon – Fri 8am – 7pm, Sat 8am – 5pm
Products: Vegetables, pumpkins, melons, berries, tree fruit,
honey, meats, eggs, deli items, baked goods and dairy products

Kimberly said...

I found your blog while you were still in CH, hopping from one expat blog to another. I've enjoyed following your adventures, and am following your repatriation also, especially as you are from and have gone back to our neck of the woods. I grew up in Arbutus, my husband in Timonium, and then we lived in York PA for a number of years before moving to Zurich. Good luck on following a Swiss diet while in Baltimore! I know when we go back just for a couple of weeks I cannot resist all the things I've missed.

shan said...

Did you happen to also find - as I did when I returned to the States - that everything tastes really sweet now? Like, too sweet, even when it's a food like ice cream that's supposed to be sweet?