Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We are definitely not in Zurich anymore.

Reality smacked me in the face this week; I went back to work!

I'm working three days a week for the company I was with before I left for Switzerland. While I'm enjoying working again, going back has been an interesting experience. Some things are the same and others aren't. And it's odd to sit at my desk, one cubicle away from where I sat two and a half years ago, and wonder, "Did that really just happen?"

It doesn't feel like it. It seems like I was just there, at the office, working on projects. Projects, coincidentally, that are now being run by other engineers and are now in construction.

But it did and I'm so thankful for that. Brian and I challenged ourselves by moving to Switzerland and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. The experience changed us, for the better I like to think, and gave us life long friends.

Marion was lucky enough to make life long friends as well. And she's been missing them dearly. This week, she decided to email some of them back in Switzerland. Well, okay, she dictated to me and I wrote it. Either way, here is one of the emails she sent:

Dear S,

Please come to America to see Marion and Mommy and Daddy and Bettina. If you come to my house, you have to go my school too. I want to play dress ups with you S and Grammie wants to see you too. I want you to play with all my toys. I miss you.


Writing that kind of felt like someone ripped my heart out and played football with it a bit; completely broke my heart. But I am so so happy that she has these friends in her life and look forward to helping her keep those friendships for a long time. Even if it hurts to do it sometimes.


Lady Muck said...

That was really touching. I hope Marion liked S's reply. The other day she randomly said to me in the car that I had to send you a message and tell Marion to come back. Like it would be that easy. Awww...

Working on a reunion on US soil at some point! Try and jump on Skype at some point too - we could get a little face to face time with the girls.

grammie said...

Ahhh....Marion is right. I would love to see "S"...I miss her big smile and hugs.

Marion does talk of "S" and how she
misses her, and her other friends very much.

Big hugs to everyone in Switzerland.. we miss you all

Odd for me also...bc I have gotten used to looking forward to a trip over, and that is now gone.

You all are doing a great job keeping in touch with each other...long time friendships are to be treasured and nurtured. They are so special !!