Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Marion goes to school!

Today was Marion's first day of school. She's going to a local pre-kindergarten 5 days a week. It's so weird to have her out of the house the entire week!

Brian and I woke her up with a special card for her first day.

Then I forced her to take pictures in front of the house before we drove her to school.

I see myself forcing them to take pictures right up until college.

In other news, our house is looking less and less like a large animal threw up boxes all over it. The walls are still bare and there are toys everywhere but such is life, right?


Lady Muck said...

Too much cuteness! Oh, and I love her quilt on her bed too!

Have fun at school Marion!

Hoppy said...

What a milestone!! I remember those days all too well!! Hope her first day of school went well. Love to all.