Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just when you think the transition is going well...

Today at school Marion's class had a visitor. They were talking to the woman and she asked them where they lived. Marion's answer? "Switzerland."

Last week we were in Hilton Head, SC for a family wedding. Brian put Marion to bed one night when Marion started crying, saying how much she missed her friends. Then she listed every single one of our friends, adults and children, and asked when we were going back.


It breaks our hearts to see her react to the move like this. I'd wish for her to settle in and stop saying things like this but then that would be like wishing her to forget. We definitely don't want that.

I guess we will have to schedule a visit soon! Yea, I like that solution. :)

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Lady Muck said...

Oh that makes me sad to hear. Poor Marion, it really must be hard. Starla misses her too. It was hard enough to go on a 14 day vacation with her complaining about missing her friends - a move must be so much worse! Love to you all!!!