Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heidelberg: The rest of the trip

I just realized that I never posted about the rest of our Heidelberg, just the chocolate store. Guess you can tell what I really enjoyed in that city!

After the chocolate store, we walked along the main street, stopping at various shops.

We found a great shop where you could make your own tourist shirt.

Marion chose hot pink with 'purple sparklies'.

After lunch Marion treated us to a game of 'yell as loud as you can in Betti's face'.
Unfortunately, Betti loves this game. Townes, our travel companion, did not. Marion slowly learned this over the course of our trip.

The following day we got lost but eventually made it to the Heidelberg Castle.

You could see portions of it without buying a ticket to the group tour but, unfortunately, could not see inside without that group tour. The group tour was 50 minutes long... we decided to not put Marion, or ourselves, through that torture.

However, you don't have to pay extra to see the big ass wine barrel at the castle. This thing holds 228,000 liters.

I wonder how many Marions that would be?

Other highlights of the castle: great views...

and a cool clock.

On our final day in town, we walked along the Philosopher's Walk. It was a beautiful day for a work out, I mean walk. But well worth it when we found our picnic spot.

The Philosopher's Walk is across the river from the castle and has great views as well.

I really enjoyed Heidelberg. It was nice to spend several days in one city and really get to know it. If you get the chance, go! And don't forget to swing by the chocolate shop.

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