Monday, March 22, 2010


We had a small get together on Friday to celebrate Betti's first birthday.

First, Marion and I made cupcakes for Betti- green cake, pink icing, and sprinkles.

Next, Betti got dressed up in her birthday outfit and played with her friends.

And finally, Betti devoured a cupcake.

Maybe we'll get a better reaction from her after her next birthday cake?

Marion, on the other hand, loved the cupcakes. I think she had two, although she could have snuck some without me noticing. And when Brian got home, she shared his by taking the first bite. She managed to bite off the entire iced top half, stinker!


ToadMama said...

She looks beautiful! And how cool that her cupcakes match her birthday outfit, which is just the cutest thing ever, by the way. (-:

Lemon Gloria said...

Such a little cutie in her birthday outfit! And there's not much more adorable than a nakey baby eating a cupcake!

And go Marion - frosting! I head for the frosting!

Hoppy said...

Wow, Bettis is really growing!!!! She looks great!! Happy Birthday, Betti! Love to all.

grammie said...

Love your smile Bettina !
Happy 1st Birthday.

Hoppy said...

By the way, did she have a shot in her right arm?

mrsmac said...

Toadmama- thanks! and that was planned. that's about as martha stewart as i get :)

lemon gloria- i love nakey babies eating. cute and much easier to clean up! and marion is fast, watch your cupcake if you ever have cupcakes with her!

hoppy and grammie- thanks! and yes, good eyes hoppy. that is the reaction from one of her vaccines. gone now.