Friday, February 12, 2010

The End of Switzerland

Chantal, over at One Big Yodel, posted about a Newsweek article today and I would like to share it with you.

Here you go: The End of Switzerland.

Now, the end of the article says the author lived and worked in Switzerland. I'm not sure where though. I find that Swiss cities are still some of the cleanest I've ever been to, the trains are 99% on time, and the highway construction is way more efficient than in the US.

But the rest? Well, I can't say I disagree with it all.

Feel free to give your take here or head on over to Chantal's blog to join the discussion.

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Hoppy said...

It's an interesting article. My initial reaction regarding the first section was, "Where did this guy live in Switzerland?". Citys grubby, trains late? Huh? On the contrary, I find the country just the opposite, with the Swiss very health-concious and active.

Regarding the politics, there's no doubt that they have been hammered by the US and their image in banking has been tarnished over the various investment scandal involving UBS, Credit Suisse, etc. that has rocked the world economy. But I get a sense that they've got things under control and will continue doing business the way they want to do business. In the end, the Swiss will always be there. They're smarter than most others.