Friday, February 19, 2010

Catch up: Malta: Take Two

Yes, I am still catching up on vacation posts from summer 2009. But don't you worry, there is an end in sight.

Where we left off: Brian was in Malta for work (he spent the majority of the summer there). However, we were able to visit Glasi Hergiswil during one of his weekends home.

After two months of missing our husband and father, we decided to go down to Malta for a week. We searched for an apartment, asked a friend of ours to join us to keep us company while Brian worked, and off we went!

We arrived in the evening so took that night to get settled in. The next day we hopped on a boat to the blue lagoon on Comino, one of the islands that makes up the country of Malta.

Of course, Marion found a friend on the boat. This girl makes friends everywhere she goes.

Once we arrived we got on a speedboat to check out the coves in the blue lagoon.

This one had a 'window' according to Marion.

After our quick boat ride, we got to swim a bit.

Thank goodness. It was HOT.

The rest of the trip we tried to find pools we could get in to because it was so hot. Luckily, a resort was right down the street from our rental.

Betti chilling on the lounger. Look how tiny she was!

Marion in the pool.

My lovely friend Emma and her son- she was a huge help!

The girls passed out after an active day at the pool.

Although we only saw Brian in the mornings and evenings because he had to work, we still had a great time!

And being late to post this has some advantages. It's nice to see the sun, even if it is in pictures!

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Hoppy said...

Looks like a beautiful place. How hot was hot? Love to all.