Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chateau d'Oex, part deux

Saturday brought nice weather so we busted out of our apartment after Betti's morning nap to explore the town a little bit more. We did some window shopping, checked out our restaurant options, and decided on pizza. While we were sitting there, a band stopped outside to play.

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They really got into it. The chef in our restaurant then rewarded them with some bottles of wine and they got even more into it. Marion loved it.

Lunch was good except for the annoying preschooler sitting at the table. So we gave her our camera. Here is a lunch experience through the eyes of Marion.

After lunch we walked around the town a little bit more. Chateau d'Oex is a small town but it was so nice outside we stretched our walk as long as we could.

Notice the British flag in the last picture. This town was full of Brits. During our walk we stumbled upon a balloon museum.
Our afternoon included more pool time.
Seriously. Going on vacation with kids? Get a pool. It's a lifesaver. Unless you have a child like Betti, who doesn't get excited about things like pools.

Sadly, the next day brought some of the best weather of the week and it was time for us to go. At least we were able to see some beautiful views on the way out.

The good weather didn't last for long though. We found ourselves in a massive snow storm on the way home. Did you know that snow plows in Switzerland travel together so that they can get the entire road at once? Makes sense to me, no plowing snow into the other lane. However, it completely sucks if you get stuck behind the plows. Luckily we did not. But we saw a ton of people on the other side of the road that did.

After a long drive in the snow we managed to make it home safely so that Marion and Brian could make me a yummy birthday cake.

A perfect end to a perfect family celebration!


Hoppy said...

The town is really neat looking. Great pictures as always! Love the video of the band...they were having a lot of fun! Love to all.

Hoppy said...

By the way, I wanted to compliment Marion on the picture of Brian with the wine bottle. Very appropriate! Love to all.

The Compound said...

Look at those gorgeous McDonald Ladies!