Sunday, December 13, 2009

In the US

What a whirlwind month this has been! I survived the flight over here. Did I mention I was flying by myself? We managed to leave a trail of Marion's urine and Betti's poop on our plane but we survived. The people around us were pretty good too- all in all not a bad flight. Minus the bodily fluid accidents of course.

We've been here for a week so far and have squeezed in a lot. Right now I'm going through some culture shock again. The US is huge, spread out, and has a ton of choices. I'm not used to it yet but I'm sure I will get comfortable just as we are scheduled to fly back to Switzerland.

As usual, I have a ton of posts in draft form and will try to get the posted before we fly back to Switzerland! Hope everyone is enjoying their December so far!

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Lisa said...

By yourself? With two children? Lady, you are strong! Have fun here!