Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas fun with Marion

Marion took Baby Jesus. We have yet to locate him.

Grammie then allowed Marion to decorate the tree. She came up with this all her own.

Daddy was not amused.

I'll let you know when we find Baby Jesus.


De Campo said...

Look behind the couch. Whenever I lose Jesus I can usually find him hiding there.

ToadMama said...

Oh, Jesus. What next?

Braden and Anna said...

That is hilarious - blue balls! She a clever one, even if she doesn't know it! Braden is on his way to drop off your husband at the airport right now! I hope the weather clears up fast over there! Merry Xmas!

grammie said...

He isn't born yet...! I think Marion reallllly gets the true meaning of the Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas and love to all.