Sunday, December 20, 2009

9 months (and one day).

Yesterday was Betti's nine month birthday. And, well, we got some snow.

Just a little bit.

Brian was also supposed to fly in to BWI via London yesterday as well. Due to a late take off in Zurich, a snow storm in London, and the blizzard on the east coast, he spent the night in Boston and is currently on a train to Baltimore. We're hoping his luggage makes an appearance soon.

So I'm a little late with Betti's 9 month post. :)

The munchkin continues to move! move! move! She loves to dance, cruise, crawl, and basically get in to everything. Since we arrived in Baltimore, I've noticed she takes a little longer to warm up to people than Marion. Marion is and always has been a people person. No separation anxiety for her, she wanted to be with people from the get go. Betti needs a little time to warm up but it all smiles when she gets used to you.

And then it is fun all around!


Hoppy said...

Happy nine months, Betti!! We are really enjoying having you and your family with us. And now that Brian is here, the puzzle is complete! Love to all.

grammie said...

Happy 9 months Bettina. We are lovin having you here. Love your
giggle and smiles...

Gang's all here....Merry Christmas
to all :)