Friday, November 20, 2009

Grocery store wars continue...

Today I returned to the scene of my last run in with a Swiss person. And, yet again, I had a moment with someone. But this time, I won!

I drove into the one way only loop of the parking lot and saw a large SUV going the wrong way. Odd, because the arrows are very clear. And rules! Must. follow. the RULES!!!!

Anyway, I continued on my way and found a spot near the front of the grocery store. "Yes!", I thought. The shorter the distance I have to carry Betti in the carseat, the better. That girl is getting heavy.

I backed my car up to get a better angle when, who should appear, but Mister Wrong Way Driver! But now Mr. WWD had his blinker on and was shaking his head and motioning to me that I was taking his spot.

Uh uh, no way buddy.

We both pulled towards the spot at the same time. I honked my horn, rolled my window down, and motioned that he was going the wrong way. Then I continued to pull into the spot. He was not happy and backed up most of the way (right way, wrong end first this time) to find a spot. Then he glared at me as I unloaded the kids from the car.

But I won! I was shaking from the confrontation and went into Burger King for lunch to avoid him but I was still victorious!

Oh, and I kept an eye on my car to make sure he didn't key it or anything. It's a POS but I still like it.

Yay for fighting back! Even when he was clearly wrong, I still had to be pushy. Unbelievable.


ToadMama said...

You go Mrs. Mac Daddy!

grammie said...

Girls rule ! I'll bet he felt like a POS after seeing carrying Betti... :)

Amanda said...

Bravo to you girl for standing your ground!

DRosie said...

One point for us!

Hoppy said...

Wow, a Swiss person getting a piece of their own medicine!! Good for you! Love to all.

strategy said...

Way to go mommy! that's the spirit. if you know your right, don't back down!