Thursday, November 19, 2009

8 months.

Betti is 8 months old today.

It is amazing to me how well she is moving. Marion wasn't even sitting up on her own at her age. Betti is crawling, cruising, and taking off to undiscovered parts of our flat. Baby proofing is a must these days. I don't think Marion has noticed the slow disappearance of all small pieces of her toys.

I'm extremely nervous about how our flights home will go since she wants to move all. the. time. I'm regretting not getting her her own seat. Won't make that mistake on our next trip!

What Marion and Betti do have in common is teeth and sleep. Betti still doesn't have any teeth and she is not sleeping through the night, just like her big sister. What is that!? I need to teach these kids how to sleep through the night before 9 months old. On the plus side, Betti has slept through the night three times in the last two weeks. Maybe we are on the verge of something??? I'm going to focus on that.

Marion continues to dote on Betti. She constantly wants to lay on her, play with her, hug her, etc. One of Marion's favorite things to do is get Betti to follow her into her bedroom. She then gets Betti in her tent and blocks the opening so she can't leave. Then they have a picnic or sleepover. It's adorable!

Going to have to watch Marion though- lately she's taken to building walls around Betti so that she can't get away. She doesn't like crawling Betti any more than I do sometimes!


ToadMama said...

Betti is really a pretty little thing. Love the dimples. And how funny that Marion builds walls so she can't escape!

grammie said...

I agree with ToadMama....Marion is your engineer..!

Happy 8 months Betti....You are
simply adorable.

Love & Hugs,

Hoppy said...

Happy 8 months, Betti!!! And thanks, Megs, for posting those wonderful pictures of my grandchildren. Brings a smile to my face!!! Love to all.

Lisa said...

Oh, they are both so gorgeous!