Saturday, December 6, 2008


Samichlaus comes to Switzerland today! However, he came a little early to our town this year. We got a sneak peak at Samichlaus and his buddy Schmutzli at our town parade last Sunday.

Here we are waiting for the parade to start.
And here it comes! First up in the parade were some people who looked very warm carrying lights.
Next was a guy cracking a whip. Obviously I need a tripod for nighttime shots.
Then it was time for some cowbell. Lots and lots of cowbell.

Next were some drums. Those pictures turned out worse than the pictures of the guy with the whip.

And finally it was time for the big guy!
Samichlaus walked around giving out goodies to the kids- clementines, nuts, and snacks. Schmutzli did all the hard work pulling the cart filled with the goodies.
We had a great time! Samichlaus was very nice and gave all the kids treats. Marion hasn't stopped talking about him all week. He's been a great reminder for her to listen to Mommy and Daddy, as he should be!


Anonymous said...

I hope you like the Country and the Mountains.
Have Fun!

Hoppy said...

Wow!!! I'm just imagining the parade in "A Christmas Story" then Ralphie going to see Santa Claus!!! Looks like a lot of fun!!

Anonymous said...

that samichlaus scares me! a santa wearing a black robe! i would be scarred as a child!!!

looks like freezing cold fun though!!!

De Campo BC said...

Samichlaus is the best christmas-y thing I've heard about in years!

Whips! Donkeys! Black robe toting minions! I love me a good Swiss xmas!