Sunday, December 7, 2008

Einsiedeln Christmas Market

On Tuesday, Marion, Mom, and I went to the Einsiedeln Christmas Market with my friend Kacey. Supposedly the biggest market in Switzerland, we had to check it out.

Of course we picked a cold, rainy, snowy day to go. Why do I say rainy and snowy in the same sentence? Because what came down was totally dependant on where you were. At our apartment, it was rain. At the market, it was snowing. But that only gave the market some great wintertime ambiance. Once you got used to the cold, that is.

Mom and Marion braving the snow.

The market was fairly easy to find right off of the Einsiedeln train station. The market stands are set up along some side streets and lead right up to the monastery.

We walked around a bit, exploring the stands. And then Kacey and my Mom checked out the monastery. I wasn't feeling up to climbing another hill. They said it was very nice- I promised to drag Brian there next year.

While walking around, we discovered our new favorite treat: Opfelchuechli.
We now refer to these as heaven. These babies are slices of apple, dipped in dough, deep fried, and then smothered with vanilla sauce and cinnamon.

Get some. Fast. They are that good, I swear!!!!

After some walking around, we decided to head back to the train. On the way back though, we had to stop at the carousel. We can't get past these things without stopping for at least one ride for Marion. I've noticed the prices are higher at Christmas markets. One more thing for me to be in shock about- pricewise. But it is worth it for that big smile she gets on her face.
Totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

aw!! that looks like so much fun! mom looks well!!! xoxo

Jessica said...

I am glad that you enjoyed the Einsiedeln market as well.. and the apples fritters are devine indeed!!!

caitlin said...

OK, your mom does not look nearly old enough to be a grandmother! Gery Smyth just does not age, apparently! :)

caitlin said...

Oops, GerI. I'm an idiot.

caitlin said...

Also that last one was supposed to be Geri. With an upper-case "i." Uh, I'm done now.

Hoppy said...

Is that my wife? I almost forgot what she looked like!! j/k :)

Grammie said...

Caitlin, I have always loved you.
You made my day.! Thanks for the
compliment. Don't care how you
spell my name.
Hope you are well :)
Love to all,