Sunday, April 6, 2008

Not much to report

We are just chugging along, getting prepared for our June 1 departure date. In the last few weeks we have:

- contacted movers
- packed some things up
- finished our deck and other things from the home inspection
- set up settlement
- set up forwarding our mail
- and started on the process of collecting medical records and canceling various accounts.

We also found time to go to Vegas last weekend. What a great time!

The canceling accounts and medical record process has been surprisingly pleasant. If anyone gives me a hard time or questions why we are doing things, all I have to say is, "Well, we are moving to Switzerland." That usually ends the conversation. :-)

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Jessica Cartwright said...

LOL! I know. This worked so well for us although I don't know if I ever said it with enough conviction so that people believed me. I know a lot of people were thinking, "Uh, yeah, right.. whatever.. I'll just cancel your account, ok, no need for lies." So funny. ;)