Saturday, June 19, 2010

15 months.

My little swiss miss is 15 months today.

Betti has grown in to herself and has such a little personality. She is still a little timid and hesitant to jump into situations. But that's okay, she doesn't have to be outgoing; Marion will jump in to any situation and show her how it is done!

She is a cuddler and is extremely physical. Betti walks, runs, and climbs. She gets pulled on, pushed, carried, and jumped on by Marion. And she loves every single minute of it.

But the thing she loves the most is carrying her blanket and bear around.

Usually she'll find a spot, lay down, and get comfortable.

I'm so jealous of her. Wouldn't it be nice to have a huge, soft stuffed animal to snuggle up to?

Sometimes she'll change it up. She'll crash into a pillow on the floor, find a corner on the couch to snuggle in to, or (if you are really lucky) decide your lap is the place to be.

And when she snuggles, you can really tell how huge she is.

My baby girl is massive! She is wearing clothes that Marion was wearing at two. Here are some pictures of Marion right before her second birthday.

And yes, that is a chip clip in her hair. Eh, it worked. But now you can see why we marvel at Betti's size! At least until she can understand what we are saying, don't want to give her a complex...

Anyway, Bettina. Yes, she is my physical child but she is making progress with talking. I can understand why it is slow and steady in the speech department; Marion never stops to let her talk! She now says Mama, ball, and baba (bottle). But while she is lacking in the actual word department, she definitely communicates. Lots of grunting and whining, oh joy! She also points a lot and follows simple directions, that won't last long I'm sure. ;)

While she may not talk yet, I'm okay with that. Because I know what it is like to have an extremely vocal child and I don't want to find out what it would be like to have two just yet!

Happy arbitrary month birthday Betti!


Lady Muck said...

Happy 15 monthaversary Betti! She's so cute with the blanket and stuffed toy... xx

grammie said...

Happy 15th month Bettina Lynn !!!

Love her eyes. Big brown ~ just like her Mama.

Auntie Colleen said...

Happy 15th mth Betti!!!!!!!

She HAS grown a lot!!!

Hoppy said...

Jealous? Why would you be jealous? Your big stuffed animal is Brian!

By the way, Happy Fathers Day to Brian!

Love to all.

Lemon Gloria said...

That is right! She has the same day of the month birthday as Jordan! Happy 15, lovely Betti!