Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunshine is here again.

Woot woot! And boy have we been celebrating.

The weather perked up big time on Saturday so we went on a hike with some friends. It was a long but beautiful day. The Sunday forecast was good too so we went to Park Im Gruene for a barbeque lunch. And then today? Still absolutely gorgeous outside. We went to the badi.

So I owe you at least two posts on all of that because, trust me, this pathetic little teaser will not do them justice. But I've got my hands full with the munchkins, trying to keep this house somewhat respectable, and going out for a girls night in a little bit. So, for now, these two pics will have to do.

Our family near the Seealpsee in the Appenzell region.

Don't our girls look happy to be there?

And Betti enjoying a bottle at the park yesterday.

Hope the sun is shining where you are. Be back tomorrow!


Mike said...

Yay Sunshine!

Great pictures :-)

grammie said...

What great pics. You all look fantastic and happy. Look at
Betti peaking around Brian. So cute.

L & H

Lemon Gloria said...

I tried to comment on this last night but for some reason was unable to...HOW did Betti grow so much while you were away from blogland? She's such a big girl now!

mrsmac said...

Mike- Thanks! Hope we have good weather when you get here. It's supposed to rain again starting tomorrow :(

Grammie- I think Betti liked sitting in the backpack because she could see everything that way.

Lemon Gloria- I know, right?! She's a monster! She is 14 months old and wearing clothes Marion wore at 2!