Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh blog, how I've neglected you.

But I've been busy, I swear!

In the last two weeks I've been entertaining two kids while it rains while packing up our winter stuff and clothes for a short trip home (3 days to be exact, painfully short). And then during that trip home I visited my old office (going back to work this fall), saw my new house (loved it!), picked out paint colors (wanna see? I would be willing to bore you with them if you were willing), ran a ton of errands (missed you Target), met new and old friends, had a ton of dinners out (gained some weight, typical for a trip to the US no matter what the time period is), and surprised the shit out of my sister at her surprise baby shower (she jumped two feet backwards and yelled, "holy shit!" baby is okay).

Brian watched the girls while I spent the weekend in the US. It rained the whole time. He now appreciates what I deal with every day AND mentioned he no longer thinks that the money we pay for Marion to go to Spielgruppe is a waste of money. Every Dad should have to go through kiddie bootcamp like that. Brian kicked ass during his. The kids were alive and the house was (for the most part) clean! He rocks.

So blog, I apologize that I have neglected you. Be back soon, I promise. Ciao!


Meghann said...

I've missed your blog :) Are you going back to work at RTKL?!?!

mrsmac said...

Meghann! Nope, not going back to RTKL. Going back to where I went after them. Enjoy your trip to Paris!

Hoppy said...

Well, it might have been way too short, but it was certainly fun having you here! And we breathed a sigh of relief when you said you loved your future house. Love to all.

Hoppy said...

I would like to know the final count of tea parties that Brian had with Marion.

mrsmac said...

Hoppy- He said he had 14 wonderful tea parties with Princess Marion :)