Monday, June 13, 2011

When I say busy, I mean busy!

I mentioned we've been busy in my last post and I meant it! Since my last post we've continued to settle in. Marion still asks for friends in Switzerland and I can't blame her- we miss it too! I've upped my hours at work and Brian's work has been absolutely insane.

But the thing keeping us really busy has been the little one growing in my belly.

Yep, Brian and I decided to take on a third kid! This officially makes us insane I think but I'm looking forward to a full house in October. And October can't come soon enough. I'm literally counting down the days at this point. It's so funny the progression pregnancies take. Marion's pregnancy was a time where everything was new and wonderful and extremely difficult. Everything was a challenge but it also had a newness to it. Bettina's pregnancy was different because we were in Switzerland, navigating a new health system and working with doctors and nurses who sometimes didn't speak English. And of course, she had her fair shair of complications too.

This pregnancy... well it's just a means to an end at this point. I puke every morning like I did with the first two which I've gotten used to, sadly. The other day a friend of mine pointed out to me that I've spent almost 2 years of my life puking at this point and it gave me shudders of realization that I hate being pregnant! Pregnancy and I just don't get along. But good news so far- no complications! That has definitely been a breath of fresh air.

So I'm due in October with Baby #3. And this time around we decided to find out but wanted to do something fun. Enter a gender cake.

So this is a fun little thing we had read about awhile back. Basically, when you go to your ultrasound, you have the tech write down the sex of the baby in an envelope. Then, you take the envelope to a bakery and they make a cake that is either blue or pink inside (cake or icing, whichever) depending on the sex of the baby. Finally, you pick up the cake and take it home to find out what you are having!

In my case, the bakery has used the extra icing to ice cakes they were putting out in their case to sell. So when I picked up our cake there was a stack of cakes behind the counter iced in the color. Not exactly how I wanted to find out but oh well, what are you going to do? Luckily I was alone so everyone else was surprised.

Just to recap- Brian and Marion were convinced the baby was a girl and wanted a girl. I was convinced it was a boy, based on the fact that I hadn't been puking nearly as much as I did with the girls.

So we set up a pretty impressive laptop/Skype situation to get Brian's family, located in Oregon and New Jersey, involved in finding out,

cut into the cake,

and found out we are having a little girl!

What a surprise! This was a great way to find out and we couldn't be happier to have a third little girl!

So yes, very busy over here. Hope everyone in blog world has been doing well!


Mike said...


Congratulations to the both of you!

I don't believe I've ever met two people that so obviously love being parents as much as you two.


ToadMama said...

You look fabulous. I am so happy to see you back! Congrats on the gender cake, which was an awesome idea. Boo for the bakery and their thoughtlessness though.

Susan said...

Glad to see you in my Google Reader! Congratulations on the new little gal on the way!

mrsmac said...

Mike - Thanks! I'll be thinking that when my kids are driving me up a wall. :)

ToadMama - Thank you! Hope thinsg are going well with you guys!

Susan - Thank you! We are thrilled!