Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Three years ago today...

Three years ago today Brian, Marion, and I started our adventure. We hopped on a flight in Philadelphia bound for Zurich, not knowing what the heck was going to happen.

We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our experience as expats while abroad.

To tell you the truth, it's been hard blogging since we came back. I just miss it so much. I miss my friends and I miss the lake and I miss the ease of everything.

That's not to say we didn't make the right decision. I know, deep down, we did the right thing coming back when we did.

But damn, it's still hard. Just thinking about where we were three years ago, what we did in the last three years, and the people we met and miss dearly... well my eyes get misty immediately.

We've been back nine months now and a ton has happened. I've missed blogging though and while our lives are much different now (do we still count as interesting?), I want to blog about it anyway. So watch out :)

PS- Thanks to those who have emailed and posted comments. I changed emails so didn't notice the comments during my hiatus. So sorry!


Lemon Gloria said...

Welcome back, Mrs. Mac! I just figured you were too busy for the blogging. Which, as the mother of two young kids, would be completely understandable. I also understand your homesickness for your life in Switzerland. I'm sorry you're sad. Big hugs to you.

Issabella (and Ted) said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're back to the blog! Your life in Baltimore is still very interesting to me. Keep it up!!!!! Besitos!!

Mama B said...

There you are! :)

mrsmac said...

Lemon Gloria - Thank you! Hope you are doing well too.

Issa- Thanks for being so supportive!

Mama B- Hey there!

ToadMama said...

Welcome back! Of course you are still interesting. I look forward to future posts.