Sunday, August 23, 2009

To the man on the bus

I know you want to get off at the stop. Quite a few of us do. And it may take me a few seconds to get off, seeing how I have a huge stroller with an infant in it.

That doesn't mean you can get up and shove me out of the way while yelling "Achtung!" at me.

I know I am not Swiss. I know I don't speak German. But I do know that this is my bus stop too and I was trying to get ready to get off to save time since I was closest to the door.

I also know that the back door was completely free and clear of people getting off the bus.

So next time, use your time to take the three extra steps to go to the back of the bus rather than pushing your way to the door behind me and my stroller. Or feel free to enjoy your seat a little while longer. I won't take too long to get off through the only stroller accessible door on the bus.

My side would appreciate not having your elbow drilled into it.

Thank you.


grammie said...

I hope that this is the only time you encounter a rude person while in Zurich.

Well written Meghan. Hope you and the girls wern't injured.

Breath !!!!

Love and Hugs,

mrsmac said...

No one was injured. I just got shoved and had an elbow pushed in my side. And, sadly, it isn't the first rude person we have encountered here. Just the first who was completely outright rude and mean enough to get physical. Even the old lady's push wasn't this hard.

Anonymous said...


you should've tapped him on the shoulder or grabbed his arm to get signal for help with the stroller. that probably would have made him feel like sh*t.


just push him off the bus next time so he can get out of your way.

Chantal said...

Unfortunately I too have had too many run-ins with rude people in Switzerland exactly like this who have literally shoved me out of the way on public transport and in grocery stores. I don't even have a baby so it's sad to know they don't discriminate.

Susan May said...

I have a friend who was pushed off a tram by a man who was in a big fat hurry to get off - and she hurt her foot and ankle. Thankfully it wasn't worse. I'm sorry that someone treated you and your family so rudely. Hang in there Mrs. Mac!

mrsmac said...

Colleen- LOL. Then Marion would have probably asked, "Mommy, why did you push that man?"

Chantal- I'm sorry you have dealt with this as well! It seems to be more common than it should be!

Susan- Seriously? That's insane! I hope she is well now!

Jessica said...

I have lots of situations like this where I just want to say 'HEY!!!!!!!!!' and then some profanities. It it tough that the Swiss have little regard for your personal space and everyone seems to be fighting for themselves, especially on public transport.

I think your Grammie had the right advice - just breathe. :)

Mike said...

Where's a big burly ex-college football player when ya need him :-)

mrsmac said...

Jess- It is crazy, everyone seems to be fighting to be first!

Mike- Rounding up Marion to get her off the bus. :-)

Hoppy said...

This is the most responses to a post I think you've ever gotten. Next time, I recommend a quick slap across the face.... like you did with the guy from the Preakness!! Love to all.

Susan said...

Hi Swiss Mac Mom - I was in Zermatt this past weekend, and thought of you. I really love your photo at the top of your blog. The weather was perfect and the views ... awesome! Have a great week. I hope you haven't run into any more rude folks on the bus.

mrsmac said...

Hoppy- ha, then I would really give the Europeans something to say about Americans!

Susan- Thanks, I hope you had a wonderful time! And thankfully, no more rude people!