Monday, January 21, 2008

And so it actually begins

I met with our realtor this past Friday. We walked from room to room, going over everything we need to do in order to list the house. Mostly our list consists of "clean up, make everything neat, purge". Like I said before, we have ALOT of crap!

Anyway, after the list was compiled we sat down and signed paperwork. After that was all done, we walked outside where our realtor took a picture of the front of our house. While I stood out there with her, looking at this house in the sunlight with all of the work we have done to it, I was overcome with sadness.

I quickly said goodbye to the realtor and made it inside. I picked up the phone, called Brian at work, and cried.

This is not a house, this is our home! I bought this house almost five years ago and since then, we've made it our own. We had to, this place was a dump when I got it. We spent three months cleaning, painting, and fixing the house up before I even moved in. Brian proposed to me in our guestroom the day before I moved in. Friends of ours have visited and stayed with us here. We were married while living here. We brought our daughter home from the hospital to this house and made it through sleepless nights here. We have fantastic neighbors and a fantastic neighborhood.

How do we let all of that go?

Well, we don't have a choice at this point. The papers are signed.

In the meantime, I am focusing on all of the adventures ahead of us and the memories that we will make. And treasuring all those we made here.

So, know of anyone looking to buy a great house?


globalclarkes said...

What's your asking price, we'll need a house in a few months...

Good luck with the sale! Just remember, real estate agents are NOT your friend. Despite their sweet and chewy exterior, they're bitter, calous and act like weasels when pushed into a corner. Also, if the market sucks anywhere near as much as it did in Michigan, have you thought about renting?

mrsmac said...

yea, we thought about renting. but we decided we didn't want the worry or hassle while abroad. so i think we made the better decision in the long run, but it is just harder right now, know what i mean?

Anonymous said...

aww :(

just dont throw away the paint brush!
ps its col-i dont have a blog